Mastering the Art of Game Testing Reports

Writing effective bug reports is a critical skill for game testers. A well-written bug report makes a tester’s job easier by clearly communicating issues to developers. However, reporting on complex game bugs is an art that takes practice to master. In this post, I’ll share techniques to write professional, actionable game testing reports.

  • Follow template structure
    • Summary, description, steps to reproduce, expected result, actual result, screenshots/video, hardware/software specs
  • Write clear reproduction steps
    • Be detailed, use player perspective language
  • Describe the issue fully
    • Explain how it affects gameplay/user experience
  • Use images and videos
    • Show don’t tell what happens
  • Reference context
    • How often does the bug occur? Is it reproducible?
  • Suggest severity and priority
    • categorize based on impact to experience
  • Follow-up on status
    • Check if more details are needed
  • Use proper spelling, grammar and formatting
    • Reports are professional documents

Writing great bug reports takes experience and attention to detail. Following templates, being comprehensive but concise, and conveying issues clearly improves report quality. Provide developers all the information they need to diagnose and fix the problems you find. Mastering reports is essential for testers to be impactful throughout game projects.